Our Team

Jane Clements

HR & Quality Manager

09 9660011
Linda Blakemore

Quality Consultant, RN

04 5664476
Christine Issah

Operations Manager

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Matt Hall

Operations Manager (Northern)

09 9660011
Yulia Cheslayeva

Regional Manager Auckland

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Joanne Jory

Client Services Manager Northland

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Anelie Deysel

Client Services Manager Wellington

04 5664476
Bronwyn Smith

Client Services Manager Hawkes Bay

06 8350767

David Fleming

David Fleming


09 9660011

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David has been in healthcare management roles for over 25 years and mostly recently with Care on Call as its CEO since 2012. In that time David has got to know many of our clients and what matters to them. David believes that the client experience should always come first including being listened to and kept in good clinical hands. Technology also is something of interest to him, as it allows us to connect in different ways that we weren’t able to before. David has 3 kids and loves to take them sailing and snorkelling when he can.