Funding Options


There are a range of funding option available in New Zealand and we are happy to help you work out which is most appropriate to your individual situation and circumstances. Below is an overview or some of the funding streams that we are aligned with but we offer competitive private options if you are not eligible for these funding streams. 

ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation)

Provides support for those who have suffered an injury and offer return-to-work assistance through to full 24/7 support for those managing life-altering disabilities. We are an approved lead provider, so ask your ACC Case Manager about us today.

Living my Life is a new ACC disability support service for people who have a long-term disability resulting from an injury and focuses on increased independence, choice, participation and providing you with the tools to help you achieve personal, community and employment goals.

Care on Call offers three Living my Life services:

Facilitated Pathway Map – working with you to create a visual map of how you want to live your life and what you want to achieve

Tailored supports – supporting you to achieve what’s most important to you in everyday life and provides opportunities to engage and participate in things that are meaningful to you.

Independent Facilitation – this is about supporting you to understand the various support services available in the community and how to access them and empowering you to make best choices and decisions.

Get in touch today to discuss how these pathways can benefit you.

Ministry of Health

MOH is responsible for the health and disability needs of all New Zealanders who are not impacted by an accident or injury (Public Health). They oversee the local District Health Boards (DHBs) throughout NZ and manage various funding streams.

Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC's) work on behalf of the DHB’s and MoH to assess and identify an individual’s support needs and provide advice about the available support services.

You will need a referral from NASC in order to receive funded support from Care on Call.

Below is a list of MoH NASC referrers that we are aligned to.  See list of regional contacts:

The Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is a new initiative from the Ministry of Health (MoH) that offers disabled people greater choice and control over the supports they receive, so that they can plan for the lives they want. It is currently in full operation in Midcentral DHB (Manawatu) and demonstrations are being trialled in Waikato DHB and Canterbury DHB. We are proud to support this initiative and are an approved provider.      

Get in touch and let us help find the right service and funding stream for you.