Stories & Testimonials

I never failed to be impressed at how professionally and thoughtfully Care on Call managed my father’s care over his last 5 years, from a couple of visits a week in the earliest days to assistance with full-time care over his last months. All Care on Call carers were special in the things they thought of to make Dad’s time with them interesting and happy and in the respect and affection they gave him, which he certainly returned. I will always be grateful to Care on Call for the impeccable care Dad received, exactly when and how he needed it, which made it possible for him to continue living at home.

Sarah M, Auckland

Care on Call offers responsive and personal focussed care for older people. For families who live at a distance from their elders, this care is a life line. Carers respond in emergencies and support day to day needs with friendly, helpful, caring service.

Halina, Canterbury

When you need to ask for help, it can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Going from being totally independent to not functioning well is no joke. I however consider myself very lucky that there are people out there as kind and helpful as the Care on call staff. Always on time, professional and efficient. You make my life so much easier and I look forward to seeing you each week. 10 out of 10 rating from me. A truly wonderful service.

Jan Maree B., ACC client

Our mother has had the assistance of Care on Call for the past two and a half years to help while she was living in an independent apartment in a retirement village. We were impressed with the level of care provided – the caregivers were always very caring, competent, honest and reliable. There was great continuity of care from a small group of carers and they were well matched with mum. We knew mum was in very safe hands. One of Care on Call’s strengths was their ability to respond in a professional and timely way to providing assistance – often within a short time frame. This was very helpful when mum’s need for care increased. We had very positive relationships with many of the carers and the office staff. They always had our mum’s interests at heart. Mum has recently moved into hospital level care. The caregivers were involved with the process of settling mum in and did an amazing job with helping her adjust to her new environment. We highly recommend Care on Call to anyone considering using their services. We are very grateful for the support and kindness they showed our mum and our family.

Louise (Kathleen’s family),

I am a very favourably impressed client of 'Care On Call' and have been so for over ten years!  I have found the Company's service always to be of an excellent standard, on a number of levels.  Firstly, Care On Call administration is very efficient and the Admin Staff communicate very well with me and make me feel 'special' as one of their regular clients.  

The Admin Staff are always courteous, respectful and appear determined to be helpful to me.  Whether dealing with mundane matters of say, documentation, or a change of time or staffing, nothing is too much trouble; they always treat my interests and requirements as paramount.  At my age (76 yrs) and health circumstances, this is really important to me.

Secondly, Care On Call home service Staff are always of a high standard.  They must recruit and select their home Staff very carefully.  I have a spinal injury with constant pain and disability and require home help two half-days per week.  Care On Call has provided over 100 home visits every year, for the past ten years, making that a total of approximately 1,000 home care visits.  

I can honestly say that the standard of every one of those visits has been always at least satisfactory, through to extremely good and on most occasions of an excellent standard! The Care On Call Staff come into my home always well briefed on my circumstances and they are already familiar with the general requirements to be undertaken during the time allocated.  

Furthermore, these home care Staff are invariably experienced in the tasks required, they are usually very capable and most importantly they always display courtesy together with natural friendliness. To illustrate that point, I am pleased to be able to confirm some of the past Staff have even made voluntary visits back to see me for coffee and a chat, well after leaving Care On Call!
Accordingly, it follows I can recommend Care On Call for this type of home service very strongly, without any reservation whatsoever.

Graham R, Client

Last year, after a bad fall, I needed 24-hour care for several months and was very well looked after by Care on Call. The very pleasant carers were excellent and arrived on time.  If bad weather and/or traffic delayed the incoming carer, the outgoing carer remained so I was always covered. Their encouragement helped me to regain confidence and so get about again to live independently, now just with a home help for housework and shopping.

Barbara (Gillian D), Client

I had Amy from approximately 1pm until 5pm. Amy has a lovely friendly and positive personality which also reveals a high intellect and an attitude of competence and efficiency. Amy is so pleasant to be with but always gets on with her work without a fuss or delay and proceeds to complete all tasks allotted to her in a thorough manner, always to my complete satisfaction. Amy has an excellent memory, remembering where things go and how to undertake and complete every task. Today there was such a lot to do, yet Amy worked her way through every task so easily and efficiently that I was genuinely surprised she completed everything ahead of time! I believe Amy is an exceptional young woman - and an excellent Carer for Care On Call. Accordingly, I cannot recommend Amy highly enough to any of your clients looking for an outstanding Carer! I am truly appreciative you were able to arrange for Amy to work for me today. With sincerest thanks and much appreciation.

Auckland, Client

We are so grateful for your time and help while we were trying to work out how to best help our foster boy with spending his funding, in order to benefit him the most. You really showed us it is possible to do this well! All is looking well for my son, and we wanted to thank you so much for your willingness to help and for showing us there is a way forward. We want to encourage and thank you all for shining a light into what appeared a very difficult to establish path. Your support has been immense. We pray God will richly bless your business as you help so many in the need of your help.

G and B williams,