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My Story - Stephanie S

Stephanie S, Care Coordinator, on her journey to Care on Call & her memorable time as a caregiver.



Our staff members have extremely interesting stories about their path to their current roles. Stephanie S was a caregiver with Care on Call, before becoming a Care Coordinator. Today, she shares her story with us:


“It’s tough being young and having to make a decision about which career path to work towards. For me, I always knew that I wanted to help others.


I’d been cleaning houses and caring for children for around 11 years when I decided I needed a bit more of a challenge. I always had a passion to work with those suffering from health related issues in more of a caring role.


I’ve found it very inspiring to see people who are at their most vulnerable overcome their personal circumstances. You discover how there are always people always struggling with larger problems than yourself. I’ve learned to focus on what’s important in life, and I’ve developed a real appreciation for good health and preventative action.


I started at Care on Call as a caregiver in 2016. My clients all had different health related conditions and were always so happy to see me, as some had very little contact with the outside world.


A memory that will stick with me forever is when I visited one of my clients on a wet and rainy day. I was cleaning the bathroom and she approached me, tapping on my shoulder. She was unable to speak, making hand movements pointing to her neck and head. I knew something wasn’t right so I ushered her into the lounge area, assisted her down to the ground and put her on her side. Within seconds, she began having a seizure. I called an ambulance immediately and stayed by her side until it arrived. Once she was in safe hands, I called the office to let them know what had happened. The coordinators were amazing – they gave me the rest of the day off and offered counselling, before calling back later in the afternoon to check in on me. My client had epilepsy and had forgotten to take her medication on that particular day. Had I not been there, who knows what would’ve happened. She spent a night in hospital and returned home the next day, extremely grateful for my help. I’m so glad I was there when she really needed it.


Joining Care on Call was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and working for them only makes me want to keep going! They actively encourage you to study, offering free courses to give you a broader range of skills to suit higher needs clients as you progress.


My story doesn’t end there; In 2017, I transferred into the office as a care coordinator. The role is certainly busy and has its challenges, but it so fulfilling and rewarding. I work with a great team and we have some amazing caregivers. I’m still able to keep in touch with my clients, and I have a strong understanding of what the caregivers go through”.


Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your journey with us! What a great story showing how valuable the work of a caregiver is. Ngā mihi nui.