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Working with Alayacare

Care On Call have been working with Alayacare, a cloud-based patient monitoring system, for the past 3 years and it has significantly improved the way we operate.

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Alayacare is available in an easy to use App which can be downloaded onto any mobile phone and contributes towards giving our clients the best possible health care in their homes! This modern technology allows our Caregivers to check their roster and any changes made to it, clock in and out of client visits, communicate with the office and assist them with GPS maps, client information and much more.

Working alongside Alayacare is an easy choice, not only is their software great but they also share the same passion for helping others. In fact, their company purpose states “We are driven to enable the care we want our loved ones to receive in the place they call home” which closely aligns to our own company values. We understand each of our clients have unique needs and circumstances and Alayacare allows us to make the delivery of our care personalised and predictive. Each member of the team at Alayacare have a story to tell when it comes to home care, meaning when they develop solutions and improvements to their software, they keep their personal experiences at the forefront of their decisions. They truly know what people need which is why their mission is to create the best technology to improve workflows and client outcomes.

Alayacare positively impacts our Caregivers experience as well as our clients experience by enabling their families to stay connected. Alayacare allows family to access their loved one’s information such as their schedule and care plan notes and in return increases Care On Call’s ability to remain open and honest with clients about the work we do and keep everyone on the same page.

Alayacare is revolutionising home care and Care On Call are happy to be growing alongside them to help better patient outcomes and continue being a leading provider of home care in New Zealand.