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Our Top 5 Caregiving Tips

Being a caregiver is a vital role. We have gathered our top tips to share because we know first hand that the role can be overwhelming and exhausting. 


1. Helping someone look good can help them feel good, too.
Washing their hair, getting a trim or a haircut can improve how they feel and see themselves. The little things they used to do for themselves should always be maintained.

2. Get friends and family to call or visit regularly 
Everyone can feel lonely at times. If you can get friends and family to visit make sure you encourage them to do so. Don't leave it up to the television to be their own source of company, sometimes it's nice just to hear someone's voice which can be as simple as a phone call. 

3. Allow them to have some freedom
Talk to them, find out their passions, their hobbies, what they used to love. Talk about music, movies, current events, travel, favourite foods and friends. Allow them to remember and forget at their own pace. Allow them to listen to rap music, to explore the garden and to find new passions. You are never too old to stop learning.

4. Never make them feel incompetent 
If getting out of bed one morning is confusing, challenging and frustrating. Never let them feel as though they can't do it. Be as creative as you can be. If they are confused or upset about what is going on, make them feel comfortable, suggest activities, allow them to relax and remind them of their favourite things in their room, their favourite locations. Do what you can to make them feel as though they are able to move at their own pace. Sometimes things take time.

5. Be patient 
Patience will get you a long way and is so important to make everyone feel well looked after, understood and cared for. 


(Image credit: Vlad Sargu)