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My Story/Michele with 'one'L


My journey to become a Caregiver began at an early age as I grew up in St Mary's Bay, Auckland.

My father was a survivor of the Hungarian Revolution and my Mother was a New Zealander, who grew up in Grafton Road, Auckland.

My parents taught me to be compassionate, empathetic and patient towards all ages as you never know what they may have been through nor going through.

Although I have enjoyed a variety of Careers in my past, Caregiving is my passion.

I had promised my parents I would always care for them. My father had two head injuries and my mother had a serious heart condition.

They were able to travel a lot being the gypsies they were at heart and live in Australia for 20 plus years. It was my fathers mini Europe environment. 

Some years ago both my parents decided to return home to Kiwi Land after I had a heart to heart with them.

Sadly their health was deteriorating and misdiagnosis of their illnesses had to be investigated further under various specialists. 

As we worked through daily, it was established that my father had Dementia and a frontal lobe cancerous tumour plus his existing seizures.

My mother developed MND which changed our lives completely. 

With humour, love and care, plus all the available assistance we had, my parents passed away peacefully.

I would listen to all their wonderful stories whilst caring for them which brought them so much joy to recall.

As much as I miss them each day, I have the pleasure and joy of caring for others who need support plus be someone to share their life stories with, if they so choose...

Michele with the 'one' L.