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Multiple Sclerosis Auckland

What is Multiple Sclerosis?  

Multiple sclerosis means ‘scar tissue in multiple areas’. It is a disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of the nerves, known as the Myelin sheath. MS is a lifelong condition that affects people in varying ways. For some the condition can be quite mild and for others it can cause serious disability.


We have the pleasure of joining this year’s Christmas fundraiser event at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron on the 15th November, Care On Call have been proud sponsors of MS Auckland for multiple years now. We believe they go above and beyond. They provide a wide range of services for People Living with MS. Their key service is the Community Advisor service, providing community-based support to people living with MS and their family along with hydrotherapy, counselling and wellness programmes. Head over to their website for more information on how you can get involved with this years fundraiser which includes guest speakers, two course Christmas lunch, desert and Champagne. We would love to see you there! 

Noho ora mai