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Keeping clients safe

What are we doing as an organization to keep our clients safe whilst Covid is in the community


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  •  Care On Call will support clients requests for vaccinated only staff upon request
  • We have been given approval by MOH to run COVID vaccination clinics in our offices to vaccinate our staff
  • All staff are required to complete regular health self declarations and we are constantly monitoring their health
  • Staff will use appropriate PPE  whilst caring for clients
  • We have established a dedicated Covid response team to deal quickly and thoroughly with situations as they arise
  • Care On Call is  keeping clients fully informed in the event we feel there are any risks to them or their family/whanau
  • Care On Call has made our services flexible to minimize risks to clients (eg: dropping non essential cares if required at short notice, picking up groceries/medicines/errands for clients)

Please do contact your local office if there are any queries