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The Kindness Of A Stranger

You never know what people struggle with and being a Caregiver is not always providing personal care or helping clients at home, Caregivers help with all sorts of tasks. We absolutely love this story from Anne K. about one of her experiences and how a little kindness from someone in the community helped a lot. 


The kindness of a stranger.


I struggle to get my client to the hairdressers- am usually met with a blank refusal. It takes all my skills of persuasion. 


The week before she refused point-blank to go so I cancelled the appointment & made another which she promised to go to - by now it had been 5 weeks. The day came with the usual refusal -  I told her I couldn't keep cancelling our appointments, so let's go for a drive & a walk & enjoy ourselves. On our way home we stopped outside the hairdressers a few minutes early for our appointment. It was pouring with rain -  and she told me to keep ongoing. Then she told me she would walk up tomorrow and tell them - I told her that was no good as the appointment was today. She then said I could go in and cancel it so I said ' you come with me. I undid her seatbelt, got my umbrella and off we went.


Unfortunately, the hairdressers said they were running late, so my client took the opportunity to say ' let's go' -  I gave her a big hug, thinking of some words to say. A Lady with her hair half done stood up and said ' take my seat, I'm not in a hurry' My client sat down and the hairdresser got on. The Lady sat in the waiting area and told me how she had struggled with her own mother and understood.


What a difference to my day that kind gesture made.


- Anne K


(Image credit: Guilherme Petri)