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A Cool New Accessibility Resource From Firstport

Here's a new online tool - Firstport's Accessible Day Out library - which helps Kiwis with disability find the perfect post-COVID outing!


As New Zealand’s post-COVID tourism industry cautiously revives, it’s more important than ever for venues to cater to all in a safe and accessible way. New Zealand’s disability information website Firstport has launched a new tool that will make it easier for Kiwis with disabilities to plan and enjoy post-COVID outings and get active again.

Firstport’s Great Accessible Day Out library provides listings of venues and activities around New Zealand, with a focus on their accessibility features. Users can search the library by; Type of accessible features (physical & sensory), Type of venue (e.g. museum, park, paid attraction), Location within New Zealand, or Keyword search.

All the reviews in the library are from people with access needs, so they provide an unbiased perspective from people who understand the world of disability.

Businesses or venues can add their own listings to the library with details of their accessibility features, which can then be reviewed by the community. 

You can check out reviews of places on the Accessible Day Out here: