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5 Cool Blogs We Suggest You Browse

Read our top 5 blogs for stories and information about caregiving. They offer insight and support to those in many different situations. 


Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Bob DeMarco founded Alzheimer’s Reading Room having cared for his mother, Dotty, while she lived with the condition. It has grown into a veritable library of information, wisdom, and support. While the website is naturally focused on Alzheimer’s, its vast resources can be of use to each and every caregiver.


Caregiver Warrior

Caregiver warrior Susanne White set up her website having cared for both of her parents. Along with guest bloggers, Susanne shares her tips to help caregivers take care of themselves, in order to be better prepared to care for their loved ones.



The CareGiving blog is one of the most comprehensive you will find, and also offers a forum for users to interact with and support one another. Whether caring for a partner, parent, child, or any other loved one, the blog’s diverse range of authors are able to provide extensive advice and information.


Caregiving Made Easy

Kathy Macaraeg, of Caregiving Made Easy, has a dual perspective on caregiving. While her job means she helps family caregivers on a daily basis, she too lives with a chronic condition and is, at times, on the receiving end of care. Kathy’s experiences shape her blog, which covers everything from transportation to food and drinks advice.


Folia Health: Caregiver Chronicles

Folia Health is the brainchild of Nell Meosky Luo, who observed her mom’s experience as a caregiver to her brother, Paul. The Caregiver Chronicles blog features a range of stories from Superhero Caregivers, all of whom offer their own experiences of caring for their children.



Image credit: Steven HWG