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3 New Year's Resolutions for Caregivers

Happy New Year!


In a support work role, it can sometimes be hard to see the New Year as a time to rest and reset, especially when you have commitments through the time that many of your friends and family will have away from work. However, it’s still useful to take time to do some mental spring-cleaning, so the New Years period is a fantastic time to set goals and reflect on the year just been.

Goal setting may often feel daunting, but setting goals for yourself is an amazing way to get clear on what matters to you, as well as steer yourself in the direction of the things that make you happy. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether or not you achieve your goals -- if anything, you should give yourself compassionate permission to not achieve goals sometimes – what really matters is the opportunity to think critically about what you care about and what you need in order to feel good, no matter how simple those needs are.

We’ve compiled a short list of 3 potential New Year’s resolutions tailored specifically for caregivers, that will hopefully give you some food for thought to make 2023 the best it can be! While, like we said, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t achieve all your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve also included advice on how to turn each goal into a SMART goal – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Setting SMART goals increases your chances of accomplishing your goals and getting results!

  1. Take more time for yourself.

Example of a SMART goal: Spend at least an hour each week investing in your preferred method of self-care (e.g. meditating, bathing, reading, etc.)

When you’re caring for another person, it’s especially important to remember to look after yourself as well; sometimes our own needs can fall to the wayside and written off as ‘less important’. However, the way you feel in yourself dictates the amount of energy you can commit to others! It all starts from within, so make sure to put aside ‘me-time’ as often as practicable.

  1. Get outside and get moving.

Example of a SMART goal: Go for a 20-minute walk at least 3 times a week.

Regular exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health, so it’s important to prioritise it. Having an exercise routine doesn’t have to be as big as signing up for a gym (although it could be!), oftentimes it can be as simple as going for a walk or following along with a 15-minute Yoga practice on YouTube. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals and boosts overall energy, so set yourself up for success and include it in your routine at a frequency that works for you! 

  1. Stay connected with loved ones.

Example of a SMART goal: Make time at least once a week to call a loved one or meet them for coffee.

Relationships with friends and loved ones play a significant role in good mental health and self-esteem; humans weren’t meant to be alone! In our busy modern world it can be hard to consistently make time for the people we care about, but the feeling we get after seeing someone love always makes it worth it!

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2023? Get in contact with us at – we’d love to hear what matters most for you heading into the New Year, and how you intend to make your resolutions work for you!